Welcome to the new home of IRIS!

Welcome to the new website of IRIS – Institute for Research and Development on Inclusion and Society.  IRIS is a successor Institute to the National Institute on Mental Retardation, and The Roeher Institute.  IRIS is guided by their legacy of policy leadership and research, knowledge mobilization and social development to advance human rights and inclusion of people with intellectual and other disabilities.  The IRIS leadership team of Michael Bach, Cameron Crawford and Doris Rajan are combining their efforts with an impressive group of Associates to re-launch The Institute at an exciting time in the history of the disability rights movement in Canada and internationally.  Just a few years ago the United Nations adopted the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), and in March 2010 Canada ratified the Convention.  The CRPD establishes a new international legal standard to recognize and interpret the rights of persons with disabilities, and reflects the language and aspirations of people with disabilities, their families and their organizations who were so instrumental in its negotiations and adoption.  It provides a new vantage point with which to guide public policy and social development, and to evaluate and adapt current policies and practices across key sectors affecting people with disabilities – early childhood education and care, education, employment, supports and services.  Over the coming months IRIS will be launching new initiatives and releasing papers which speak to various aspects of the CRPD and its implications for closing the inequality gap for Canadians with disabilities.

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  1. Great site. Just wondered if you could make the printing a tad darker. It’s rather light on a white background, and for some with visual challenges, it might be a bit more difficult to read. Otherwise, a wonderful site and an excellent resource for information.

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