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IRIS is pleased to announce that the Institute has been engaged by the Government of Nova Scotia to assist in a consultation process to create a roadmap for transforming supports and services for persons with disabilities in the province. The aim is to create a system that advances community inclusion and full participation for all persons with disabilities. The consultation will launch in early 2013.

Department of Community Services Minister, The Honourable Denise Peterson-Rafuse, issued the following announcement on December 3rd, the United Nations’ International Day of Persons with Disabilities:

Persons with disabilities, their families, and community partners in Nova Scotia, will soon have the opportunity to talk about how government can promote greater independence for people living with disabilities.

The Institute for Research and Development on Inclusion in Society will help the province consult with persons with disabilities, their families and community partners to help improve programs and services.

Community Services Minister Denise Peterson-Rafuse says every Nova Scotian has the right to make decisions about their own life and government programs and services should promote inclusion and independence.

For more information contact Nova Scotia Community Services:
Amanda Pelham
E-mail: pelhamal@gov.ns.ca

For more information please see the Nova Scotia Community Services website.