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IRIS and the Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society in Vancouver, BC hosted a Community Town Hall for IRIS’s Working Together – Combating Structural Violence against Indigenous, Racialized, Migrant Women and Women Labeled with Intellectual and Psychiatric Disabilities on April 18, 2016. The Working Together initiative brings together populations of women in Canada who face structural violence as well as some of the highest rates of abuse in the country.

At the Vancouver Community Town Hall, an intimate group of women and men gathered to share their stories about struggle and survival on the topic of violence against women.

Those in attendance also learned about the issues of systemic violence affecting groups of women who are more likely to face violence, and to reflect upon and discuss how we can work together across communities and sectors to collectively address violence against Indigenous, racialized and migrant women and women labeled with intellectual and psychiatric disabilities.

Photos from the Vancouver Community Town Hall






Photos taken by Arlene Elizabeth