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At IRIS – Institute for Research and Development on Inclusion and Society (IRIS) words cannot accurately express the level of shock, pain and sadness that we are feeling related to the terrorist attack on a Muslim family living in London, Ontario. How can it be that a family goes on a stroll on a beautiful spring evening only to be subjected to a brutal act of hate and violence?

First and foremost we send our love and prayers to the family. As Canadians we mourn, once again the impact of systemic violence in our country. We strongly believe that true inclusion is not possible for any one of us without inclusion for all – we need to challenge structures, ideas, values and systems that isolate, segregate, exclude and objectify certain groups. We must never let power and value be organized across the differences of faith, gender, colour of skin, disability, sexuality, or other identities through which so many struggle to find pride and respect.

It is in this context that we strongly believe this has been an attack on all Canadians and thus not only do we stand in solidarity with Muslim Canadians, but we call for renewed commitment to inclusion, equal respect, and justice for all.