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Local Safety & Inclusion Solidarity Networks are being established or reactivated from coast to coast to coast – Vancouver to Iqaluit to Saint John!

The aim of these local networks is to bring together community members and front-line workers who are from, and/or provide services to, Indigenous, Black, and other racialized groups, refugees, and/or people with intellectual, mental health and cognitive disabilities. The focus is on women and gender minorities.

“I’m feeling hopeful and optimistic.”

Val Joseph

Individuals in the network bring their lived and living experience to the work. Many of these voices come from extremely marginalized communities who come together to communicate the difficulties they face in their everyday lives.

Front-line workers do not need to participate representing their organizations, rather they bring their everyday knowledge and expertise on what they think their community needs in their city.

Over the next two years, Local Safety & Inclusion Solidarity Networks in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, Saint John, Charlottetown, and Iqaluit will be collectively organizing around a concrete action.

The purpose of these networks is for different groups to develop a concrete community action that will address common problems, such as gender-based violence, unfair treatment in the justice system or homelessness.

“Working in solidarity opens up doors.”

Sue Davis

By coming together in solidarity to share our collective wisdom and support, we can build a safe and inclusive future.

As of June 2022, the launch has begun and change is on the way!

Information sessions are being held in each community from June to September 2022.