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National AccessAbility Week 2024

This week, in partnership with Nunavummi Disabilities Makinnasuaqtiit Society IRIS hosted a panel discussion about the issues of diverse BIPOC people with disabilities and Deaf people.  

Recording of the panel discussion:
National AccessAbility Week Panel Discussion: The Experiences of BIPOC People with Disabilities

IRIS’ work is grounded in removing barriers to accessibility for systemically marginalized people on local and national levels. We have found through several of our initiatives, that there are significant barriers to accessibility in both in-person community spaces and within online communities. As we reflect on another year of accessibility during National AccessAbility Week, we applaud the work led by members of diverse disability and Deaf communities, including those Indigenous, Black, racialized, migrant, and 2SLGBTQIA+ peoples!

Learn more about our key accessibility projects as we all celebrate National AccessAbility Week 2024!

Local Safety and Inclusion Solidarity Networks  

Through our Local Safety & Inclusion Solidarity Networks in Saint John, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg and Iqaluit we have engaged grassroots, frontline service providers and community members of diverse systemically marginalized populations.  

These groups include Indigenous, Black, and other racialized peoples; refugees, transwomen; and/or people with intellectual, (e.g., FASD), psychosocial, (i.e., mental health with focus on addictions), and cognitive (e.g., brain injury) disabilities.  

The solidarity networks continue to expand with more women with disabilities joining the groups across the country! 
The Accessibility Exchange 
Since the soft launch of The Accessibility Exchange in November 2023, we have engaged people from diverse disability communities to contribute to ongoing projects, share their expertise, and get compensated for their work on the platform.  

The platform continues to grow and is guided by a community advisory committee, consisting of diverse people with disabilities and Deaf persons nationwide.  

Looking forward to the rest of 2024, The Accessibility Exchange will host more opportunities for people with disabilities, their supporters, Deaf persons, and community organizations, and federally regulated organizations to engage in accessibility projects.