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Today marks the first-ever National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. A day that highlights our shared responsibility to educate ourselves on the tragic history and ongoing impact of colonization of the original peoples of Turtle Island. The recent recovery of hundreds of unmarked graves found at the sites of several former residential schools across Canada, has brought non-Indigenous peoples face to face, with what Indigenous individuals, families and communities have always known about the depth of violence that has, and continues to occur.  IRIS stands with Indigenous communities as they grieve, heal and ask us to listen.

While September 30th serves as a valuable day for reflection, support for Indigenous Peoples is required year-round, the path towards reconciliation is ongoing, and IRIS is committed to this process. We will continue to listen, grow, support and learn from the leadership of our many Indigenous partners. 

One such teacher: Mizanay (Mizhana) Gheezhik, Senator Murray Sinclair: https://www.cbc.ca/radio/unreserved/national-day-for-truth-and-reconciliation-is-1-step-on-a-long-journey-says-murray-sinclair-1.6184561