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Publication: Women with Disabilities and Housing Brief

Doris Rajan, Director of Social Development at IRIS, has written a brief titled, “Women with Disabilities and Housing“ for the Learning Network at the Centre for Research and Education on Violence Against Women and Children at the University of Western Ontario. Funded by the Government of Ontario and commissioned by DAWN-RAFH Canada, this brief explores the … Continued

No Woman’s Land Premiere Scheduled for March 2019

IRIS has partnered with Jaberi Dance Theatre and Dr. Shahrzad Mojab on the company’s upcoming production No Woman’s Land, an evocative new work that explores real stories of women in refugee camps. Conceived and directed by Roshanak Jaberi and created with a powerhouse artistic team and an ensemble of seven performers, this interdisciplinary production integrates dance, theatre and multi-media … Continued

Solidarity Symposium: Understanding Oppressions, Imagining a New World

You’re invited! Join IRIS and its partners for Solidarity Symposium: Understanding Oppressions, Imagining a New World. This free one-day Solidarity Symposium will take place on Monday, December 4, 2017 in Ottawa at the Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health (299 Montreal Road). The event will bring together Indigenous, migrant peoples and people with disabilities to unite … Continued

Concerns with Expanding Access to Medical Assistance in Dying: A Review of Evidence

IRIS has issued a review titled, “Concerns with Expanding Access to Medical Assistance in Dying: A Review of Evidence”. This review of evidence examines a wide range of evidence that points to substantial legal, ethical and social concerns with expanding access to medical assistance in dying for mature minors, through advance directives, and based solely on … Continued

International Women’s Day: Why Equality Matters

Women with disabilities make up 10 percent of the population of all women worldwide, and in Canada, one out of five women is living with a disability. Women with disabilities are a highly diverse population, both in terms of the kinds of disabilities they are living with, and their individual identities and experiences. Women with disabilities … Continued

Nationwide Stakeholder Meetings for IRIS’ Working Together Initiative

As part of IRIS’ Working Together initiative, IRIS and its local project partners across the country organized stakeholder meetings in Vancouver, Saint John, and Toronto. Representatives from relevant violence prevention and response sectors in each city (e.g. law enforcement, VAW and shelter services, mental health services) came together to work with community workers, advocates and … Continued

Doris Rajan in Colombia for UNFPA/AECID Work on Standards for Violence against Women with Disabilities

  Doris Rajan, Director of Social Development at IRIS, joined an Expert Group Meeting at the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation training center located in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia on December 6-8, 2016, to help develop standards for violence against women with disabilities. The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the Spanish Agency for International … Continued

Working Together Meetings Bring Together Marginalized Women

The Working Together initiative national team met on October 4 and 5 in Toronto after the first year of implementation to ensure that we are taking the time to review, reflect and refine project activities as they pertain to our goal – to practically address the root causes of violence against some of the most … Continued

Supported Decision Making in Johannesburg

Michael Bach, Managing Director, and Doris Rajan, Director of Development, travelled to Johannesburg, South Africa to continue their work on the issue of legal capacity for people with mental health and intellectual disabilities. Here are some highlights from the workshops: The Open Society Initiative of Southern African brought many countries from southern Africa together to tackle the issue of … Continued

Coming Changes in Executive Leadership

The Canadian Association for Community Living (CACL) and IRIS – Institute for Research and Development on Inclusion and Society are pleased to announce the creation of a full-time Managing Director position at IRIS, the research and development arm of CACL. The Institute was first launched by CACL in 1969 and has long served the CACL … Continued