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Working with service providers, provincial and national advocacy organizations and federations and the private and public sectors, IRIS seeks to identify and remove the barriers people with disabilities and their families face when attempting to access health, social, financial and other types of services needed to advance their inclusion in society.

Current Projects

Accessibility in Action

Accessibility in Action

Timeframe: July 2020 to June 2022

Accessibility in Action is a two-year initiative managed by IRIS with a diverse project leadership team and implementation partners and advisors – including disability organizations with local-to-national reach, individuals representing marginalized communities (i.e. Indigenous, racialized, migrant, 2SLGBTQ+) as well as technical and legal experts.

Accessibility in Action sets out to create an online platform that will bring the disability community together with the thousands of organizations or entities who are regulated under the Accessible Canada Act of 2019. The initiative aims to help deliver on the legislation’s immense potential to mobilize effective engagement of people with disabilities and federally-regulated entities in creating an accessible and inclusive Canada that fully respects and protects the human rights of people with disabilities.

Supported by Employment and Social Development Canada.

Help Wanted – Sheltered Workshops and the Steps to Ending Employment Segregation in Canada – People First of Canada

Help Wanted – Sheltered Workshops and the Steps to Ending Employment Segregation in Canada – People First of Canada

Timeframe: January 2019 to September 2020

IRIS is a partner on this initiative led by People First of Canada, which examines the issue of sheltered work in Canada. The project aims to show solutions that can give real work opportunities to people with intellectual disabilities.  Project activities include: Consultations with people with intellectual disabilities across the country; Research about the nature, extent and promising practices to transition out of sheltered work across Canada; and the development and piloting of a tool to educate people on sheltered work to the PFC membership network in the form of a ‘train the trainer’ model.

Past Projects