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IRIS is pleased to be leading the development of an online platform “The Accessibility Exchange” to help realize the vision of the Accessible Canada Act for an inclusive and accessible Canada by 2040.

The Accessibility Exchange is an online platform that assists federally regulated organizations in finding and recruiting diverse people with disabilities and Deaf persons, their supporters, and their organizations to participate in consultations to build effective accessibility plans.

The platform will support people with disabilities and Deaf peoples to share their expertise with federally regulated organizations in how to remove barriers in their policies, programs, workplaces, and services.

The Accessibility Exchange has been developed by diverse people with disabilities, Deaf people, their supporters and disability, civil society, and federally regulated organizations.

To sign up for updates and to learn about how you can engage in The Accessibility Exchange, please visit https://news.accessibilityexchange.ca/ We look forward to welcoming you as it begins to launch in the fall 2023!

Supported by Employment and Social Development Canada.