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Implementation Blueprint for Community-Based Pilots for Supporting Decision Making

This is a technical resource to assist project designers in developing the detailed programmatic framework for designing and implementing a community-based initiative for supporting decision making. It is intended to assist technical assistance teams, researchers, policy makers and other stakeholders understand the theory and concepts behind community-led initiatives for supporting decision making.

The Equal Right to Decide – Tools for Community Change

IRIS has been working for some years to develop resources and strategies to advance the equal right to decide for people who live with an intellectual, cognitive or communication disability mental health issues. Many people who live these disabilities are denied the right to make basic decisions about their lives – about where they will … Continued

Community-led Initiatives Supporting the Right to Decide – A Readiness Assessment Tool

This guide is designed to assist community organizations assess their readiness to implement strategies for supporting people in decision making. It looks at each of the ‘core functions’ for community-based initiatives in the Framework guide and asks about the enablers, barriers and strategies need to ensure effective capacity to deliver each function.

Community-led Initiatives Supporting the Right to Decide – A Framework for Design and Implementation

This guide presents the core functions of community-based initiatives to support people in making decisions, presented in this document, provides a helpful framework to begin the dialogue in your community. The first step is to convene community organizations and advocates who want to partner in launching a local initiative for the right to decide.

My Life My Decisions – Course Overview

My Life My Decisions is an introduction to the right to decide, and the key concepts of supports for decisions, supported decision-making arrangements, and the duty to accommodate a person. Designed to be provided online or in person, this course has information and exercises for participants to learn about this issue and to begin to … Continued

Inclusive Violence Against Women Shelters for Older Women with Disabilities and Older Deaf Women: A Resource Guide by Springtide Resources

This best practice guide was written by Doris Rajan, Director of Social Development at IRIS, for Springtide Resources. It offers information to shelter workers to learn about the nature of violence and barriers older women with disabilities and older Deaf women experience in accessing shelter services, in order to equip shelters to proactively address these … Continued

IRIS Disability Inclusive Lens

A guide developed to aid policymakers in creating policy and program initiatives that are inclusive to individuals with disabilities. Areas which the research focuses on include: poverty levels, inadequate education, support services geared for people with disabilities, violence and abuse, and denial of autonomy and self-determination. By exploring these realms, the paper is able to … Continued