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Institutes for Research and Development on Inclusion and Society (IRIS) provides policy research and social development leadership that encourages new ways of thinking, inspiration, and education to advance the citizenship, inclusion, human rights, and well-being of people with intellectual and other disabilities.

IRIS builds on the legacy of L’Institut Roeher Institute. IRIS is an independent institute, supported by the Canadian Association for Community Living and working on behalf of the community living movement in collaboration with the broader disability and social justice communities.

Specific areas of research and development include: social inclusion and life beyond institutions; disability-related supports; education, literacy and learning; child development and family life; human rights, ethics and technology; personal safety and security, employment and income; social policy and change.


  • Liaises and collaborates with other experts
  • Analyzes the social and economic realities facing people with intellectual and other disabilities and gives voice to their lived experiences
  • Links issues of disability to broader research, policy, program and social development issues and agendas
  • Attracts and develops expertise in policy research and community development
  • Distributes others’ research and resources that warrant positive attention
  • Provides a broad Canadian perspective and in-depth coverage
  • Ensures its research and social development efforts are non-partisan, objective and meet the highest quality standards
  • Points to supportive policy and program options
  • Helps move research and new knowledge into action through seminars, presentations, training and other knowledge mobilization strategies

People with an intellectual and other disabilities are safe, included, valued, free, and equal.

Inclusive society where people with intellectual and other disabilities, in all their diversity, are equally valued, free, safe, and respected for their presence and contribution in the social, political, cultural and economic life of their communities.

IRIS convenes, informs, and engages to generate and mobilize knowledge to achieve inclusive society.