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Michael Bach

Managing Director

For over 25 years, Michael Bach (he/him) has undertaken research and development in Canada and internationally on ways to advance the full inclusion and human rights of persons with disabilities. His research and publications cover disability theory, policy and practice in a range of areas including education, employment, and funding and delivery of community-based services. Michael’s particular area of expertise is in legal capacity of people with intellectual disabilities.

Michael holds a Ph. D. in Sociology and Equity Studies from the University of Toronto’s Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, where his dissertation focused on developing a more inclusive theory of personhood on which to challenge the usual equation between intellectual disability and legal incapacity. Michael is currently an Open Society Foundations Fellow, continuing his international comparative research on the right to legal capacity for people with significant intellectual and cognitive disabilities.

Doris Rajan

Director of Social Development

Doris Rajan (she/her) has worked for 15 years as a senior consultant in the non-profit sector, with a focus on violence against women, access to justice, the experience of racialization, refugee, immigrant and indigenous issues and disability justice. In her work, Doris has designed numerous international, national, and regional community-based social development and applied research projects, and has authored a number of community-designed training resources. Doris has a Master’s Degree in Social Work with a specialization in Social Policy and Research.

She holds a PhD in Adult Education and Community Development at the University of Toronto’s Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, where her research involved the development of a curriculum framework for a critical feminist/anti-oppression pedagogy of solidarity that would unify women labeled with “mental” disabilities, indigenous and migrant women to challenge structural violence. Doris is also a professional actress, playwright, screenwriter, producer and filmmaker. In 2015, Doris wrote the play A Tender Path, which explores historical trauma, violence and torture related to the experiences of indigenous peoples, refugees, individuals with intellectual disabilities and the Trans community. A Tender Path was shown at the Truth, Reconciliation and Engagement Symposium in April 2015.

Logan Churchill

Research & Project Coordinator

Logan (he/him) has worked in the equity, diversity, and inclusion space as a researcher, curriculum developer, and project coordinator since 2021, with a focus on understanding intergenerational ideological continuity, and how to implement effective methods for unlearning deeply engrained practices of exclusion. He has contributed to anti-racism research and curriculum development for professional sports organizations, multiple departments within the Federal Government of Canada, and has led, facilitated, and moderated public collaborative spaces to discuss current events through an intersectional lens.

Logan also volunteers as a facilitator for the Equity Leaders B.O.O.K Club, targeted at curtailing gender-based violence through reconceptualizing masculinity among masc-identifying youth and adults. As a member of IRIS, Logan brings his experience in facilitation, coordination, research, and understanding of anti-racism and critical feminist ways of operating within the professional context to advance the inclusion of persons with disabilities in Canadian society. Logan holds a master of arts in Political Science, is a guitar builder, musician, hockey lover, purveyor of mediocre puns, and former archaeological field tech.

Keyanna Shaw

Administrative Coordinator

Keyanna (she/her) has worked across the professional landscape from corporate to grassroots organizations, with a specialization in administrative coordination and a passion for helping others. Having over eight years of administrative experience, three years of editorial experience and a decade of experience in respite care Keyanna brings an interdisciplinary work experience, approach and thinking to her role as the Administrative Coordinator for IRIS and in her everyday life. Her passion for inclusion, change and support for individuals living with disabilities started with her advocation for her younger sister, who has a rare form of autism spectrum disorder.

Keyanna Shaw holds a diploma in Executive Office Administration from Niagara College and has training in Microsoft Office, Bookkeeping (Sage Accounting & QuickBooks), and various CRM & scheduling software. She utilizes her technological savviness, certification in Intermediate French Language proficiency, and several course accreditations in communication disorders and English literature to communicate effectively and to help create innovative ways for others to express themselves and always feel understood. Her work remains focused on furthering the outcomes of persons with disabilities through respite work and supporting ongoing projects aimed at shifting policy creation.