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They have been called “village idiots”, “imbeciles”, “fools”, “sub-humans” and “retards”. They have been incarcerated and abused in prisons and institutions. They have been feared and misunderstood for centuries. They are people with intellectual disabilities. Directed by Pierre T├ętrault, The “R” Word tells us stories of three generations of families and individuals, their incredible stories of courage, vulnerability and love. We come out of these stories with a new understanding of the urgency to create conditions where all people can maximize their potential without fear of discrimination and dehumanization and how that process in turn makes us all more fully human.

Executive Producer, Writer, and Director: Pierre T├ętrault,
Producer and Writer: Doris Rajan
Director of Photography: Erick Nettel
Editor: Kunal Gauba, Sohan Lall Media
Original Music: Donald Quan, QMusic
Featuring the music of: Andrea Koziol
Narrated by: Joe Clayton

Produced and developed in association with OMNI Television, a division of Rogers Communications.