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Since 2012 IRIS has been convening Local Safety & Inclusion Solidarity Networks (LSISN) in local communities across the country; with the goal of getting to the root causes of poverty, gender-based violence, homelessness/housing precarity and poor health. LSISNs convenes women and gender diverse grassroots front-line workers who work to support, and are members of, Indigenous, Black, and other racialized groups, non-status migrant and refugee and people with intellectual, cognitive, and mental health disabilities. These local networks work in solidarity to develop community actions which model how systemically marginalized, and gender diverse peoples need to lead in the designing of solutions that directly impact their own lives.

Learn more about Local Safety and Inclusions Solidarity Networks Below!

Local Safety & Inclusion Solidarity Networks – November 2022
Local Safety & Inclusion Solidarity Networks – October 2023 – with English closed captions
Réseaux de solidarité locaux pour la sécurité et l’inclusion – Octobre 2023 – avec sous-titres en français

See our Info Sheet on Local Safety & Inclusion Solidarity Network for more information!



Local Safety & Inclusion Solidarity Networks: A Model for Addressing Structural Marginalization, November 24, 2022