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Accommodating People with Disabilities in Exercising their Right to Decide – guide, 2023

This is a planning guide to assist people with disabilities, and their supporters, in thinking about how best to support and accommodate a person in making decisions. The purpose is to assist people to direct their own lives, choose what is best for them, and have others respect their choices. In other words, to enjoy … Continued

Trafficking & Indigenous Women with Intellectual, Cognitive and Psychosocial Disabilities – report, 2023

The Trafficking & Indigenous Women with Intellectual, Cognitive and Psychosocial Disabilities: Promising Preventative Practices initiative seeks to learn more about the specificity of these experiences to develop and implement culturally and disability sensitive promising practices for potential community supporters and women and gender diverse people themselves. The first step in developing promising practices that will … Continued

Primer on Disability and Public Policy – report, 2023

This primer looks at what public policy is, how it is made, how it impacts people with disabilities, and how disability communities can engage in the policy making process. As more and more of the current generation of disability communities’ leaders and senior policy makers in disability policy step back and make way for a … Continued

Primer on Disability Income – report, 2023

Focused on the income security system in Canada, this policy primer sets out the elements of the current disability income system, the core principles that should guide reform, and the challenges linked to eligibility, policy coherence, adequacy and disincentives. It explains key concepts and provides the policy language that we hope will enable informed conversation … Continued